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The Office of Students serves as a communication channel for various scholarship schemes launched by state and central government bodies. The Office administration intimates, motivates, guides and assists students in applying for any applicable scholarships/financial aid. The Office also performs correspondence between the Institute and Government agencies. A few of the scholarships under the umbrella of the Institute are as follows:-
a. SC scholarship for Top Class students
b. ST scholarship for Top Class students
c. Fee remission to EWS B.Tech. students
d. UGC-CSIR JRF/SRF funding

General Guidelines for utilization of PMRF Research Grant

The details of the Scholarship are available to the students in the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) : National Scholarship Portal

Promotion of Science Education (POSE) scholarship scheme for the year 2022-23:

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Details of Scholarship/Fellowship/Interest subsidy/Fee Remibursement etc, provided to students by Ministries/Departments/Autonomous/Bodies/Finanical